Eco-Friendly Artists Oil Paint Kit
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Eco-Friendly Artists Oil Paint Kit

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What’s better than getting increased texture, radiance, and subtlety of colour in your artwork? Doing it naturally. This kit raises your work beyond synthetic pigments.

With these naturally non-toxic paints, you can create the most archival, UV resistant, durable and radiant paints available today.

This kit includes top-quality pigments, sustainably harvested from around the world. Each has been carefully ground to enhance the beauty and luminosity specific to each pigment. They provide a texture, radiance, and subtlety of colour that synthetic pigments simply can't equal. These paints are free of fillers, additives, synthetic preservatives, toxins, petroleum-based pigments and heavy metals.


The Complete Eco-Friendly Artists Oil Paint Kit contains:

  • 10 natural earth & mineral pigments in 56g (2 oz) packets (venetian red, orange ochre, yellow ochre, terre verte, ultramarine blue, ultramarine purple, black ochre, burnt sienna, titanium white rutile and burnt umber) Packaged in biodegradable bags.
  • 113ml (4 oz) bottle of refined walnut oil
  • 113ml (4 oz) bottle of Eco Solve: non-toxic and plant-based paint thinner/ brush cleaner
  • Eco Oil Painting Guide & Mixing Instructions
  • 100% post-consumer recycled gift box


6 More Reasons to Buy The Complete Eco-Friendly Artists Oil Paint Kit:

  • All natural, sustainable ingredients.  
  • Pigments are non-toxic and safe for use by expectant moms and health conscious artists. 
  • Pigments are easy to mix with Walnut Oil. For a more thorough mixing, finish with a glass muller
  • Easy cleanup with a non-toxic solvent such as Eco-Solve
  • Pigments are packaged in biodegradable bags.
  • Made sustainably in the USA


What are people saying about Natural Earth Paint?

Comment from internationally known illustrator, Roberto Parada - "There is something quite beautiful about the art of making your own paint. Rembrandt, Velazquez, Titian all made their oil colors in their studio from pure pigment, derived of this good earth, with walnut oil… and those paintings have stood the test of time. Natural Earth Paint does the same. Real earth pigments that are safe and the purest color of this world. An artist should, at least once in their lives, try to work in the old traditions of pure earth pigment and walnut oil."


Simply mix pigments with walnut oil using a palette knife, or for more thorough mixing, finish with a glass muller. And don't forget our eco-friendly, vegan Gesso Kit to prime your canvas first! 




Why should I mix my own paint when I can buy paint pre-made?

We believe that the extra step of mixing the powdered paint is well worth the peace of mind of knowing you are using the safest and most sustainable paint on the market. Most pre-made paints on the market contain a variety of toxic chemical stabilizers, petrochemicals, fillers, and preservatives. That's the "fast food" approach that the mainstream paint industry thinks that consumers demand, but we disagree! Our customers deserve better.


Safety and Quality

Where do your pigments come from?

We purchase our pigments from small quarries in countries across the world, including the USA, France, and Italy, depending on where that colour pigment is prevalent in the ground.


What is your packaging made from?

We use locally made, 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, home-compostable pigment pouches, and recyclable glass and aluminum bottles for our products.


Can my child or I eat your paints?

Although they are non-toxic, our paints are not intended for consumption. However, our Natural Egg Dye Kits are FDA approved for use in food!


Are your products free of nuts, dairy, and gluten for people with allergies?

All of our products are free of gluten and dairy. Our only product containing nuts is our Refined Walnut Oil, but it is not processed in our facility.


Are your products cruelty-free?

Absolutely! None of our products are ever tested on animals.


Have these products been tested for health safety?

Yes, all of the paints, pigments, and supplies have been tested by government certified toxicologists and are also third party tested. They are certified completely non-toxic.


Where do you find the ultramarine blue and ultramarine purple pigments?

The blue and purple pigments are our only pigments that have been fired and manipulated to get their vibrant color. Each is composed of 90% natural earthen clay and 10% man-made, non-toxic minerals (which are heated in an oven to a high temperature to create their vibrant color.) Throughout history, blues in nature were very rare and usually made with precious stones like Lapis Lazuli. These stones are now unsustainably harvested in Afghanistan, so we have found a beautiful and non-toxic alternative.


What is Titanium Dioxide made of?

Titanium dioxide occurs in nature as the well-known mineral, Rutile. Rutile is the second most abundant mineral in sand. It has been processed to extract the pure white mineral that we use in our paint kits. Although, it can be confused with Titanium Metal (TI) which is a silver metal that can also be derived from the same deposits, it is a separate component. Titanium Metal is not a part of Titanium White pigment which does not contain any metal.


Is it toxic to breathe the dust before mixing it into paint?

It’s not healthy to breathe any type of dust into your lungs, even if it is non-toxic and natural (like our pigments), or even dust from a dirt road! When mixing your paint, use caution to avoid creating clouds of pigment dust. If you gently scoop the pigment onto a palette and carefully mix it with oil, no dust should be created. Some people who are extra sensitive or concerned about dust can wear a certified mask for greater protection.


Do your paints wash off skin, furniture, clothes, etc.?

Our paints wash off of skin very easily—for extra help cleaning up the hands and body, especially when using oil paints, our Pinerite is the perfect all-natural solution. Our paints also wash off of hard surfaces, but they may stain clothing, carpet, or fabric.



How To Use

Can I use these pigments for air dry clay?



How long do your oil paints take to dry?

On average, it takes about 4-7 days for oil paint to dry, but it may take shorter or longer depending on your conditions.


Can I use your Earth Paints as Face Paint?

Earth pigments have been used by most indigenous cultures to paint their faces and bodies for thousands of years.   Natural Face paints are made with cosmetic-grade pigments and organic ingredients and are perfect for any kind of body painting. However, the children's paints contain gum arabic and cornstarch, which are safe ingredients but can be drying or irritating to some individuals’ skin with prolonged contact. We recommend using the Natural Face Paints instead because they’ve been specifically formulated to nourish the skin while providing vibrant, skin-safe color.


Can I dye or paint my clothes with your paints?

Yes!   Earth and Mineral Pigments can dye fabric along with a mordant to set the color to the fabric. Most commercially-available mordants are potentially toxic, but you can create non-toxic, and natural fabric paint and fabric dye from soybeans. Alternatively, you can also use our Natural Acrylic Medium to create permanent fabric paint by mixing it with any of our Earth & Mineral Pigments!


Can I paint my walls with your paints?

Yes! You can paint murals or decorative art on your walls with either the Natural Earth Paint Kit (water-based) or the Complete Eco-Friendly Oil Paint Kit (pigment mixed with walnut oil). You can also mix the Earth & Mineral Pigments with wheat paste as a binder.


Can I paint on metal, concrete, or exterior surfaces with your paints?

For metal and concrete, you should use an oil-based primer on the surface first—there are many online resources on the topic. Our paints are not intended for exterior surfaces or heavy exposure to harsh weather unless sealed with our Natural Varnish or Natural Acrylic Medium.


How do I store mixed paints, and how long do they last once mixed?

The children’s paints in the Natural Earth Paint Kit are best used fresh. We recommend that you only mix as much as you need for one painting session. The paints stay good at room temperature for several weeks if kept in a sealed container (although they will stay good longer if refrigerated). The oil paints in the Complete Eco-friendly Oil Paint Kit can be stored in foil, air-tight glass jars, or aluminum tubes. 

  • Credit: Natural Earth Paint Canada