Go Naturally Book ~ Volume 1
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Go Naturally Book ~ Volume 1

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Go Naturally Volume 1 ~ The Artisan Heart Project & Maritime Artisan's Exhibit
A color palette inspiration project using all natural art supplies. A must have tool for creatives in any medium.

This is Volume 1 of a special series of natural topics related to art supplies.

My intention is to exhibit many Maritime Province Artisan's exemplary works in print; as well as to share what I have learned to help educate artist's of ALL mediums about the ease of process using toxin free all natural based products. Creating a beautiful mixture of Art, Photographs & Color Palettes!

Harmonious blends of color paired with art and photography. I am in love with color. It seems to fit with all creatives; professional to amateur. I've been a printer my whole adult life and creative for as long as I remember. After much research, I truly believe there is room for this topic on the market. I hope you enjoy reading and using this book as much as I have enjoyed preparing and putting it all together. A big THANK YOU to all the artisans I have showcased in this Volume. If you wish to check them out I have included them in the resources section of this publication. 

After some health issues, I was forced to crack down and change my life in a way I would never have imagined. When I started having negative effects from different products and foods, I was upset at the fact I could not have or use many products anymore. If not for my health issues, I would still be doing the same things, with declining health. I will be sharing the tools & information I needed; to still do the things I enjoy.

I currently paint with earth pigments from all over the world, this has opened up a whole new world to me as I have become intolerant to chemically based products. I also run a print shop and have switched to pigment inks, 100% Green energy as well as working with Tree era every month to offset my carbon footprint.

For this book project I intend to be as environmentally friendly as humanly possible.
Using sustainable papers & printing with pigment based inks (durable solid pigment powders, suspended in the ink, resisting fading and smudges). As well as binding with metal coils.

There are many different "recipes to experiment with" you can use in different quantities. I have a few examples of these experiments (which went very well, they actually look like pastels, crayons & paper! :) in this first volume. The next volume will focus on the recipes to process.  If you have any questions or concerns I will be more than happy to have a chat with you!