Impasto Medium
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Impasto Medium

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Natural thickener for your oil paints. 1 lb. Artist grade limestone powder. Super thickener to make unique textures to your next art project.


Thicken or extend your oil paint naturally without toxins and preservatives. Add distinct textures to your next masterpiece. Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today.


11 More Reasons to Buy Our Natural Impasto Medium:


  • Contains 1lb of Artist Grade Powdered Limestone Powder
  • You can easily create the medium by mixing the powder with refined Walnut Oil
  • The medium mixes with oil paint to produce thick, rich applications of color
  • Dries quickly and transparently to add texture to your painting
  • Produces clear brush and knife strokes that seem to come out of the canvas
  • Captures the speed and intensity of your strokes to add expressiveness to your painting
  • Gives you excellent control of the play of light in your painting
  • Easily thinned with Eco Solve or Walnut Oil
  • Non-toxic and safe for use by expectant moms and health conscious artists 
  • Does not pollute the soil or waterways when you clean your brushes and tools
  • Notable artists who used the impasto technique include Rembrandt van Rijn, Diego Velázquez, Vincent van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning.
  • Credit: Natural Earth Paint Canada