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Acrylic Medium

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The wait is over and now you can feel good about using acrylic paint with our all-new, first-of-its-kind, plant-based acrylic medium. This product is made with naturally archival ingredients to provide a permanent, water-resistant and non-yellowing finish that dries crystal clear. This product is truly non-toxic, plant based and contains ZERO petroleum byproducts*. Just like conventional acrylic mediums, this medium has many uses including mixing with natural pigments to make paint, a superb varnish / sealer, collage adhesive, and more. You can finally paint with confidence knowing there are no harmful additives, stabilizers, heavy metals or other toxic chemicals added.

Packaged in a 437ml (16 oz.) glass jar.


Natural Acrylic Paint - mix with our Natural Earth and Mineral Pigments to make your own natural acrylic paints that are perfect for use on canvas, paper, fabric, wood, stone, drywall and metal.

Natural Fabric Paint - mix with pigments to make the only natural, permanent, and water-proof fabric paint on the market.

Natural Varnish - Seals paintings, wood, and any craft projects. Works great as a protectant over our Earth and Mineral Pigments

Natural Adhesive for mixed media or collage artworks. 

Beauty - Enhances depth of colors, transparency, texture and flow of other acrylic paints

 *This product is a unique formulation that has been years in the making, so the specific ingredients are proprietary information. We always strive to be as clear and honest about all of our product details whenever possible, however we appreciate your understanding that we cannot share specific ingredients at this time. Please let us know if you have any other questions.




How is your Natural Acrylic different from conventional Acrylic? Conventional acrylic is made with petrochemicals and host of other toxic additives and preservatives. Our medium is made with a completely plant-based resin and non-toxic ingredients. It does, however, create a final finish exactly like acrylic in that it is water-resistant, super durable and will not biodegrade. If you are interested in a fully biodegradable paint, please try any of the other paints we offer (oil paint, Natural Earth Paint, etc.) or paint recipes in our resources page.

What is the natural acrylic medium made of specifically? The acrylic is a unique formulation that we have spent years working on creating, so the specific ingredients are a proprietary recipe. I hope you understand that we cannot share specific ingredients however we can say that all ingredients are plant-based and non toxic

How does NEP acrylic compare to conventional acrylic paint? Is it archival? This medium behaves exactly like conventional acrylic medium and will create a very durable, archival, solid paint film. The only difference between this product and conventional acrylic medium is that this one is made with plants and non-toxic ingredients whereas conventional is made with petroleum and toxic additives. But both end up with a solid, archival acrylic film.

How long does your acrylic medium take to dry? 15-45 minutes depending on humidity levels

Does the acrylic dry stiff or is it flexible? The acrylic dries with a durable yet flexible finish that allows paper or fabric to curve and bend.

How high can I heat the acrylics? 100 °C boiling point or 212 °F flash point

Can the Natural Acrylic Medium be used as a size to seal the canvas? I was hoping I could use it in lieu of the polymer-based sizing. What would be the possible strikethrough and stiffness of using your medium? Good question! Yes our Natural Acrylic Medium behaves just like conventional fluid acrylic mediums and can be used in the same way. When sizing a canvas with it, the strikethrough should be none and the stiffness moderate, but we encourage you to do a small test first.

How long does it last in the container? It has a 2 year shelf life in new condition. Once opened there are many variables that can affect the amount of time it stays good so we can't give a firm timeline on how long it will last. To get the most longevity, avoid leaving it open for long periods of time, avoid using/storing it in a sunny location, and ensure it is not contaminated with other products.

What do you use as a preservative? The name of the preservative in the medium is proprietary, but it is non-toxic. The medium itself has a minimum 2 year shelf life in the jar.

Once the acrylic is mixed with pigment, how long will the paint be useable? It depends on the pigment. If you mix them and immediately store them in an air tight container or tube, they will last 6 months - 1 year, depending on the pigment since each pigment dries at different speeds.

How much coverage can one expect to get out of each jar? In our testing, we go 16sf of coverage using 3oz of mixed acrylic paint, so we estimate an entire 16 oz. jar should yield 90sf of coverage. It can be thinned a little with water to extend it if needed.

How much pigment is needed to mix an entire jar? The chemical composition of each pigment is different, so the quantity required will vary, but generally speaking, each 16oz jar of acrylic will require 4oz of dry pigment.

Is the acrylic biodegradable? The natural acrylic does not biodegrade or compost because it is meant to be a durable, permanent paint. It will break down over a very long period of time like conventional acrylic paint though. If you prefer a biodegradable paint then a better option would be our Complete Eco-friendly Oil Paint Kit, our Natural Earth Paint Kit, or any recipes on our website (watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, etc.). These paints will be permanent and archival as well (if kept indoors away from elements) but if they are thrown away or left out in the elements, they will turn back to earth.

Which paint do I use to paint rocks outside that is permanent and biodegradable? The most permanent/ water-resistant option for outdoor rock painting would be the Natural Acrylic Medium mixed with Earth and Mineral Pigments. But that's not biodegradable - it will stay on the rock and not wash off. The Natural Earth Paint is a water-based craft paint that works well on rocks, is completely biodegradable and will wash right off if gotten wet. If you want to make it last longer, you can varnish the rock with our Natural Varnish which is also biodegradable and food-based. But both will eventually wear off if gotten wet regularly. The oil paint would only work if you "primed" the rock first with a gesso or any primer. 

Can the acrylic be used on baby or childrens toys? Yes, it is very durable yet safe. Once applied, please wait a week before giving the sealed toys to the baby in order to make sure it's completely cured and dried. At that point, it is safe for children as it will be a completely solid, durable coating. However if it is soaked in water for long periods of time (like in a bath tub) the film will soften so avoid that.

How do you clean up the acrylic? Can it be washed down the drain? Cleanup can be done with hot water and soap. It has been certified safe to wash down the drain and will not damage pipes. However we recommend throwing away used paint in the trash rather than pouring large amounts down a drain. Washing brushes out in the sink is completely safe.

Does the Natural Acrylic Medium contain gluten? The acrylic does not contain any of those ingredients and is considered gluten free.

What are the Ingredients in your Natural Acrylic Medium? We're having to keep the ingredients trade secret until we have patented it. It's made with a plant-based resin and several other 100% non-toxic ingredients and as with all of our products we guarantee it's safety. It is safe for children to handle and have against their skin. Just  make sure is fully dry. It is also fine if they put it in their mouth if it's fully dry.

Safety and Quality

Can my child or I eat your paints? Although they are non-toxic, our paints are not intended for consumption. However, once dried it is safe for your child to put the toy painted in their mouth.

Are your products free of nuts, dairy, and gluten for people with allergies? All of our products are free of gluten and dairy. Our only product containing nuts is our Refined Walnut Oil, but it is not processed in our facility.

Are your products cruelty-free? Absolutely! None of our products are ever tested on animals.

Is your Natural Acrylic vegan (not derived from animals)? Yes it is vegan. Have these products been tested for health safety? Yes, all of the paints, pigments, and supplies have been tested by government certified toxicologists and are also third party tested. They are certified completely non-toxic.

Is it toxic to breathe the dust before mixing it into paint? It’s not healthy to breathe any type of dust into your lungs, even if it is non-toxic and natural (like our pigments), or even dust from a dirt road! When mixing your paint, use caution to avoid creating clouds of pigment dust. Some people who are extra sensitive or concerned about dust can wear a certified mask for greater protection.

What is your packaging made from? We use North America made, 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, home-compostable pigment pouches, and recyclable glass and aluminum bottles for our products.

  • Credit: Natural Earth Paint Canada