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Natural varnish 237ml 100% toxic free!

Your work is important. So is your health. 100% Non-toxic and Natural Varnish is made with plant-based, archival ingredients using time tested recipes from the Renaissance. Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today.


10 More Reasons to Buy our Natural Varnish 

  • Very Fast-drying to a Water Clear, Glossy Finish
  • Enhances depth of color and richness
  • Superior Final Protection against dirt and grease
  • Highly Durable
  • Perfect for "re-touching" or giving a unified sheen
  • Truly Non-toxic
  • Hand-crafted in small batches
  • Non-yellowing
  • Seals many surfaces (canvas, wood, stone, crafts, etc.)
  • Does not contain VOCs, heavy metal driers, additives, petroleum based ingredients, harsh fumes, or toxic additives
  • Won't "bloom" or crack

Coverage: 4 oz. bottle - covers 80 sq. ft. (7.5 sq. meters) / 8 oz. bottle - covers 160 sq. ft. (15 sq. meters)

Artist Directions: Brush onto a completely dry surface with a wide, soft brush. Let dry. Clean brush with any rubbing alcohol.

Woodworker FAQ and Application: 
Answers to Common Questions

1:This product is a spirit varnish containing 190 proof grain alcohol, natural resins, oils, and all natural ingredients. Due to being made from food grade ingredients, it is a 100% natural and non-toxic spirit varnish.

2:It is both musical instrument grade and fine furniture or sculpture grade. Due to its high alcohol content it penetrates deeply on the first coat yet is considered a film finish.

3:The varnish can be applied over a dried natural oil finish. It can be sprayed, applied by brush or rag, and works very well in a French polish method with a pad.

4:Due to its natural gloss luster, it can be brought to matte with fine abrasives (4000 grit steel wool, 800 grit sandpaper or Pumice stones). For furniture and cabinet work a coat of paste wax greatly enhances its properties as well as its appearance.

5:For spraying large areas - this product can be cut with more alcohol

  • Credit: Natural Earth Paint Canada