Pigment Sampler Kit
Pigment Sampler Kit
Pigment Sampler Kit
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Pigment Sampler Kit

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You will receive a handcrafted glass muller and glass slab along with a beautiful set of 9 natural earth pigments to try your hand at making your own paint.  

These pigments can all be used with any painting medium, oils, acrylics, watercolor, gouache, encaustic, mixed media... etc!

Included with the kit is a lovely box with eco-dyed print in background as well as tags from my recent eco-dye pot for tied to each glass jar with orange string.

1 paint brush

1 palette knife

1 mini spritzer

1 jar blast media - abrasion for roughing up glass slab and muller

1 sparkly geode fragment

9 natural earth pigments

1 jar natural copper mica

1 jar natural silver mica

1 stainless jar watercolor media

Limited Set - Makes a beautiful gift!